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After the flurry of activity surrounding the purchase of a home, the long and luxurious process of making it one’s own may be the best way there is for a new homeowner to unwind. Today, we’re highlighting ten of the best ways to personalize your home!

No matter your budget, DIY skill level, or artistic ability, we hope these tips will guide and inspire you to have fun while you accomplish beautiful flourishes of self-expression throughout your home.


1.) Re-Make an Entrance

The entrance to your home is your first opportunity to set your home apart. A brightly-painted door, a quirky statue, a hand-shaped walkway, or bold landscaping: are any of these common approaches right for your new home?

If you’re moving into a home that has a Home

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In 2019, we witnessed the departure of several design trends that had simply worn out their welcome. Dark wood cabinets, pre-packaged looks, all-gray spaces, wall-to-wall white, and solo accent walls were all out, and warm coppers and sparkling coastal blues made a grand entrance.

Whether you’re redecorating your space in 2020, purchasing a new home, or getting ready to stage a home for sale, it’s time to prepare for the new decade of interior design. The following trends are fresh and updated yet classic, and easily adaptable to suit your home’s existing character.

Color Trends

Several companies announced their 2020 pick for “Color of the Year” as 2019 drew to a close, and we’ve picked our favorites. Whether used together or separately, they

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Today’s homebuyers in the luxury market come with certain expectations … and with such huge purchases, we’re glad that’s the case. Styles, technologies and certain setups can make or break a sale, and knowing what the most popular current trends are for luxury home features are helpful to know. Below are some of the current, must-haves on luxury buyers’ lists.

Light Colors (Walls & Floors)

While more of a style than a feature, light and bright is the name of the game when it comes to the feel in a luxury home. Light-colored walls and even more so (because they can’t be easily painted over) are light-colored flooring, especially Oak hardwood floors. Light spaces make for a more open and airy ambiance while allowing pops of color when personalized

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When your home is short on square footage, decorating can be challenging. It may seem more practical to focus on making your home fully functional, but in the long run, you’ll be happier living in your home if it’s cleverly decorated. Our 10 tips for making a small space feel big will transform your small home.

1.) Choose light, neutral hues.

It is a generally accepted rule that lighter colors contribute to an open, airy feel. By contrast, dark colors tend to absorb light, creating a close, cozy feel.

To fully benefit from this wizardry, decorate in soft, off-white and neutral hues. Lighter, brighter walls will recede from the contrast of your furnishings, making your room feel instantly larger.

Installing soft, light flooring will further

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Many of us notice that fashion trends cycle quickly; we shop for clothes often, so naturally, we see the changes as they happen. Of course, this same trend cycling occurs in interior design, but because the changes are gradual and incremental, it can be difficult to determine when the majority opinion swings against a style.

This year, though, there are marked changes from even a few years ago. Take for example the mid-century modern design trend. It had become so pervasive that the look is virtually indistinguishable from contemporary design, yet this year designers are pushing back. Wall-to-wall mid-century modern is out, ceding its spot atop the pile to an array of colorful, textural, personal decorating trends that make 2019 the perfect year to

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For most of us, the Thanksgiving meal is one of the best we’ll enjoy in any given year. Gathering with our family and friends around this iconic meal gives us the opportunity to use china, silverware, and tablecloths that we reserve for just such occasions.

Our guide to decorating your table for Thanksgiving will give you themes to follow as well as ideas to mix and match from. Our themes run the gamut from indulgent to crisp and simple, but there are a few guidelines that apply to all of them.

  1. Don’t set up a centerpiece that will obstruct your guests’ view. Connectedness and conversation are more beautiful than a tower of even the freshest blooms.
  2. If you include a pop of trendy color, choose just one. While earthy fall palettes can be mixed
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Home improvement projects can feel daunting, and more than anything; time-consuming. However, setting aside even just one weekend can bring major improvements to your home. It’s amazing how much progress can be made in such a short period of time. Have an open weekend, or even just more free hours strung together than usual? Think about digging in and knocking off something on the “would be nice” list for your home!

For those that don’t even know where to start on that list, we’ve put together three weekend warrior projects that can take anywhere from just a few hours to a full 48 depending on how far you want to take. (P.S. Already nervous? We start with the easiest and go from there!)

Hardware Isn’t Hard

Hardware is something that often isn’t

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AI voice-activated assistants have been available since Siri took the world by storm in April of 2011. Hot on her heels was Google’s Google Now, Microsoft’s Cortana, and finally Amazon’s Alexa in late 2014. While there were a good number of early adopters who hit the ground running when Siri first debuted and several more who have done so on the other platforms since then, there are plenty of smart tech users who don’t use voice-activated functions. 

Recent innovations in voice-activated smart speakers mean that homeowners can sync their AI assistants to their refrigerators, thermostats, home alarm systems, and even their lighting inside and outside the home. While the butler robots many of us would hope for are still quite a ways off, smart

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Holiday decorating has such a warm, cozy, and festive allure to it. Think: Wearing your favorite sweater and fuzzy socks with a hot cocoa in hand while playfully hanging up decorations with the kids. Of course, there’s also that perfect holiday playlist in the background and heck, why not hope for gently falling snow outside, as well. 

The truth? Holiday decorating can be a major dread for some. Think: The world’s largest ball of tangled lights, not being able to find your kid’s handmade ornaments from last year and overspending on those latest Pinterest ideas.

Good news? With a little organizing, simplifying and planning, the process can be much more of a hot-cocoa-in-hand experience than a dread-inducing weekend project. Below are a few tips to

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Home is where the heart is. But if we’re being honest, the kitchen is really where the heart is. The kitchen is where the family gathers, guests linger and delicious meals are created and enjoyed. Over the years kitchens have gone from a place hidden in the back of the house to a centerpiece of both function and style. While style is always a matter of personal preference, we’ve rounded up a few of the latest kitchen appliance trends for you to check out…juuuust in case there’s a little remodeling in your future. (Or of course, just want to stay up on the latest trends).  

Retro Appliances

Dear Pastels, Americans are not done with you. Thanks to companies like “Big Chill” and “Smeg” you can get the best retro styles of the past … new again! Gone

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