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If there’s one single homeowner’s challenge that can ruin a dream home, it has to be rude, toxic, obnoxious, or just plain awful neighbors. Whether your once-perfect situation has been spoiled by new neighbors, or you’ve just found out that your new home is next to the block’s worst occupant, we have some peaceful, lawful advice to help you deal with your bad neighbors. 

1.) Open a Friendly Dialog

While it may seem like your neighbor absolutely has to be aware that their booming bass is an outrageous breach at 2 a.m., people frequently do not understand how their choices are affecting those around them. Once inside the safety and privacy of their four walls, homeowners can retreat into a mindset that leaves them feeling isolated and removed

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If you’re planning to adopt your first kitten or puppy, you likely have many questions regarding pet-proofing your home. In addition to the training, love, and attention your pet will definitely need, creating a safe home environment is important – both for the safety of your new furry friend and all of the beloved items in your home. Today, we’re sharing a comprehensive guide to pet-proofing for the first-time pet owner.

1.) Create a Safe Space

When your pet first arrives home, they will likely feel stressed and overwhelmed by the sudden change of environment. This rule is doubly true for a pet that has been through any sort of trauma prior to adoption. To help them settle in, arrange a secluded, safe space within a bathroom, laundry room,

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Every year, over 40 million people within the US move house, with 80% of these moves occurring between April and October. If you’re planning to move during peak season this year, you should know that the demand for movers and moving services will be high. To help you plan and manage your move, we’ve chosen 10 Top Moving Apps, all of which are free to download and use. Moving, whether you’re relocating to another state or down the block, is a complex undertaking with dozens of parts that all need to line up for the process to go smoothly. Make your life easier with today’s best moving apps. 

1.) Google Keep

Cost: Free

Available through your smartphone and internet browser as an extension

Google Keep is the ideal app for you and your

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Spring is a glorious season in Middle Tennessee. The days are warm, the nights are cool, and gardening is at its peak. For many suburban homeowners with a green thumb, garden tool organization is a breeze: stash your stuff in your garage or massive garden shed, and you’re finished. But what about townhome residents, apartment dwellers, and those who share their home with roommates? Fear not, Tennesseans, we have you covered! 

Today, we’re sharing our top 12 tips for organizing and storing your garden tools—even if you don’t have a garage, shed, or large storage space. In fact, some of the following suggestions will work in bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens! With the helpful tips below, you’ll no longer have to let your living situation keep you

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Before the pandemic, many of us worked outside our homes. Now, more than a year has gone by since the first lockdown, and a large percentage of people are still teleworking. If you’re one of the many workers in Middle Tennessee who have been informed that they’ll be working from home on a permanent basis, or at least will be expected to remain at home for an indefinite period of time, some home office must-haves are essential for creating a comfortable space that supports you in wellness and productivity alike. 

We’ve assumed that anyone working from home already uses a computer, has high-speed internet, and has a cell phone. However, we submit that this bare-bones setup needs a few additional items to be sustainable in the months—or years—to come.

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Congratulations on your first home purchase! During this exciting time, you are likely to encounter new responsibilities, not least of which will be tending to your home’s yard. This landscape is all yours. With the proper tools, methods, and approaches, your yard has the potential to add beauty and value to your property. The reverse is also true - if your yard suffers from neglect, your property’s curb appeal will likewise decline. 

Today, we’re sharing our recommendations for the top ten must-have lawn equipment purchases you’ll make as a new homeowner. Our list is suitable for suburban yards and small rural properties, while homes on large rural plots will require additional purchases, including a riding mower in place of a standard mower.

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Calling all home bakers! Whether you’ve picked up the hobby during quarantine or are ready to refine your collection of home baking accouterments, this article is for you. Today we’re discussing home baking must-haves: bread-bakers, pie-makers, cookie mavens and more will delight in our extensive list of kitchen essentials. 

Rest assured, no baking challenge will catch you off-guard if you have the following tools in your kit!

1.) Silicone Baking Mats

While it’s perfectly acceptable to use parchment paper instead, silicone baking mats are our preferred option. Nearly every home baker has had the unpleasant experience of running out of parchment paper at 11 p.m. the night before a batch of cookies must be ready. Silicone mats never run out,

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When you invite a friend or family member to come to town and stay in your guest room, what goes through your mind? Underneath the excitement you feel at the thought of seeing your guest, do you also feel unease about the state of your guest room? This common challenge may even be preventing you from having guests stay over! If so, make 2021 the year you push past this hang-up.

Today, we’re going to share our top tips to make your guest room more inviting. Don’t worry, you don’t need to spend an outrageous amount of cash to create a space that makes your guests feel welcome, comfortable, and ready to relax. However, there are some tried and true techniques below that can be created at a wide range of price points, for those who wish to go all out.

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It was one thing to set up shop at the kitchen table for after school homework - just grab the pencil jar kept near the table, pull out those worksheets from the backpack, and there you have it, a homework station! But what about kids who are now doing full or partial remote learning? That is an adjustment that for most, takes a little more setup than just a quick stop at the kitchen table. For many reasons including concentration, energy levels, comfort, and just plain enjoyment, it’s important to think about the elements that are going into your child’s remote learning space. Below are some of the most important things to think about:

Think Location

When thinking about the best locations for your child’s learning space, go off your child’s

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With social distancing still a must, it’s little wonder that many of us have allowed our fitness routines to slip. We know sedentary life is a clear path toward later disability and illness, though, so it’s time to step up and reclaim our health. Today, we’re sharing our top tips for creating a home workout routine. 

Ultimately, designing your own workout program should be an enjoyable, challenging experience. You’ll no doubt make adjustments to your initial plan, but with some planning and creativity, you should be able to dramatically improve your fitness without spending a cent or hitting the gym once.

1.) Analyze Your Motivation

There is a wide range of motivations for optimizing fitness, and most of them are perfectly acceptable.

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